In this day of high technology the consumer is more savvy than ever when searching for real estate.  This cuts down on a lot of things I have done in the past for my clients.  Several months ago I became aware of flat rate listing companies so I began my research.  

One thing that became obvious to me was that the companies cut the fees but also cut their services.  So I started to pay close attention to my expenses of doing business in general as well as what my listings costs were for various price brackets of homes and condominiums.  After selling several luxury properties it occurred to me that I could make some serious changes to my business and go back out on my own as well.

So, beginning in January, 2018 I will be offering flat rate listing fees but with full services that I have always provided.  My former clients know that I do not like open houses.  I am a safety freak so these always make me nervous.  I will continue to entertain broker's opens as I have in the past.  All other full services will be continued.