The devastation of Hurricane Harvey on the State of Texas is immense.  The problems continue to worsen and the health risks are mounting and will explode when the water recedes.  The foul water, lack of fresh water supply and 130,000 destroyed homes will leave too many Americans in need.  Opening up our hearts, homes and wallets around this great country will definitely help.  Medical issues, depression and many other reactions by the victims - survivors will be greater than we have ever seen.  We are beginning to hear about the lack of flood insurance on 5 out of 6 homes.  The news media make it sound like it is unbelievable and almost irresponsible for these people to NOT have flood insurance.

Wrong, I sell homes in florida and people go out of their way to buy a home in a NON-Flood zone.  Flood insurance is costly and too often working class people are stretching their budgets as tightly as possible just to buy the house.  Flood insurance is an add on of hundreds or thousands of dollars over and above the standard homeowner's insurance policy.  If you are not in a 100 year Flood Plain it is never required.  This is no ones' fault and people are not irresponsible. This is a fact of life that if you do not live in a flood plain you do not pay for flood insurance.  But I will say that in the future I will suggest all of my home buyers check into flood insurance - just in case!  What are your thoughts?  If you live in Florida will you buy flood insurance if you are NOT in a flood zone?