If you have ever been house hunting, you have probably at some point fallen in love with a house.  So how do you make this love affair end the way you want it?  Here are tips for getting the home of your dreams:

1.  Get your finances right first.  
This is obviously the first step.  But people often skip it.  You want to go in with a pre-approval.

2.  Offer to match the best price +.
If you really want the house, consider offering 5% over the best price.  This means you most likely won't get a great deal.  But you will get the home you want.

3.  Price is only one component.  Terms can make a difference.  
If you want the house and you believe there are several bidders at the same or similar price, consider other terms.  Can you close faster?  Can you have less stipulations for closing?  

4.  Do your research.
You can find out all types of information by researching online.  You can find out why the sellers are selling (which may change your overall strategy).

5.  Consider a personal letter.
A personal letter these days almost sounds outdated.  But it is very effective (especially when people are very attached to the home they are selling).  Have you ever sold something and just wanted someone to appreciate it?  Think about how much people love their home.  Write a personal letter explaining how you love the home and how you will use it.