I'm always asked about commissions.  What do you charge.  Is it a set fee that all agents charge.  Or the seller will tell me that Suzie of ABC Realty is only charging them xyz commission and ask if I can beat that.  I don't discuss commissions first of all because it is frowned upon by the Securities and Exchange Commission.  I'm not a lawyer but as soon as I was told that much I decided that commissions were something I discuss only with my sellers.  Because I determine my fees based on the job I am expected to do for the client.  Together we decide how much service they want from me.  Do they want me to advertise in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois?  Boston, New York?  I have a prepared list of things that need to be done in order to sell a house.  I then ask them how much on my list are they willing to do to sell their house?  I listen to their needs, wants and goals and take it from there.  Yes, commissions play a big part in a seller making a decision on their realtor.  If you want to see my list and chose your seller chores just give me a call.  Lorraine Armstrong and I are ready willing and able to meet your real estate needs.